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The Trantech TT26D digital process controller is a feature rich display which can accept multiple input types from Analogue mA and voltage signals for pressure and level control systems to RTD and thermocouple inputs for temperature control systems, The TT26D can also be setup for Pulse input to display total pulses or total flow for flow measurement applications. The controller offers a bright 4 digit red LED display with two programmable relays that can be used for pump control or high / low alarms. In addition, the indicator also features a powered, programmable 4-20mA retransmission and an on board 24Vdc sensor excitation as standard. The push button display allows for easy on-site customer programming for the relays and the process value. The 4 digit display can be programmed to display in any engineering unit the application requires. On-board relays can be set for N/C or N/O operation and also have a programmable dead band. Additional features include a password lock-out feature to prevent unauthorised setting changes.

Key Features

  • Inputs : 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, Thermocouple, RTD
  • Universal 90-250 VAC or 24 VDC Input Power (optional)
  • Large 4-Digit process sisplay
  • Isolated 24 VDC @ 200 mA Transmitter Power Supply
  • Programmable Display & Function Keys
  • Multi Pump Control
  • 2 – 3A Relays + Scalable 4-20 mA retransmission Output.