Gems Sensors & Controls
Gems Sensors & Controls designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, and pre-assembled fluidic systems to exact customer application and manufacturing requirements. With over 50 years experience, and dedication to lean manufacturing and ISO certification.
Presicion Digital
Presicion Digital offers a full range of digital panel meters, PLC Annunciators, Process & Temperature controllers, large display meters, Explosion proof indicators as well as scanners, loop powered indicators and batch controlling systems. ISO 9001 Accredited.
RDP Electronics
Working to ISO 9001:2000, RDP Electronics offers a comprehensive range of high quality instrumentation. LVDT displacement sensors, Load cells, Torque transducers as well as a wide range of signal conditioning equipment such as displays, multi channel systems and software. Products built to exacting specifications, suitable for reliable operation even in the harshest environments, from the depths of the sea bed, to jet engine testing or within the confines of radiation zones.
Setra Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1967, Setra Systems, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure, acceleration, and weight sensing devices. Setra has devoted its engineering and research efforts to the development of transducers and systems based on the highly accurate variable capacitive transduction principle. Setra is ANSI-ASQSO 9001:2008 certified through our registrar, National Quality Assurance (NQA).
iTarget Sensors
iTarget Sensors co. ltd is a creative enterprise dedicated to developing high level sensors and measurement technology and corresponding products. Our company have domestic top engineers for sensors design, develop and test. And most of R & D engineers have doctor and master degree, with over 10 year’s working experience in this field. They are creating top and reliable products, relying on the first class expertise and innovative sprite for perfection.
West Control Solutions
The combined strength of PMA, West and CAL for process and temperature control expertise with global support